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tel aviv tantra
Tantric Initiations; 2 hours + Tantric Massage in Tel Aviv
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tel Aviv, Israel

Tantric Massage with Osher (Man to Man) 2 hours of self-revelation, blocking main old paradigms for freeing your system to live in harmony and...

Brussels, Belgium July-August 2017
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Brussels, Belgium

Initiation Tantric Sessions with Osher content 2 hours space each to enable you a inspect, learn and start changing your heavy old patterns...


Tantra from All Over The World - Men Only!

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Jack Bro

Thank you Osher for a great experience. The experience allowed me to examine myself, but also felt better about myself. Although no major changes yet in my life. In the 2 and 3 day after our meeting I did have strong feelings of self awareness. I still feel frustrated in my job, and it brings me anxiety. So the need to make changes still remains. but I'm trying to handle it with a better attitude. I believe I need to change myself before making any career changes. I hope I can find the push towards the mental and emotional liberation you speak about. Thank you for your words of confidence


Thank you very much.
I have been doing as you instructed and watching a video each day.. it is so rich with information.  The third video was very eye opening..  it helped me make sense of why I’m with the guy I’m with… I had a mother who had a very unsuccessful relationship with my father who didn’t want children. She managed to live with him but they essentially lived separate lives while she raised the 4 of us.
Since I was a very sick and sensitive child, she watched over me very closely for the first 7-8 years, but then withdrew from me around then.. she had the kind of relationship that was warm one minute, very cold the next if I disappointed her.  She was always threatening to leave the family too which terrified me because I felt I really needed her.  She never left, she only threatened all of the time.
Father was busy working multiple jobs and was rarely home and then when he was home, was in bed and we weren’t to disturb him.
We would spend time with him on Sundays and wednesdays nights when we had church.  He was a very handsome and charismatic person and was an assistant pastor.  Today he is retired.
Everybody loved him, but we his family knew the real him that was a very mean, backbiting, cursing, angry, miserable person who always spoke about how evil the world was and how God needed to come back.   Because like you, I knew I was gay from an early age on, I was terrified of God coming back because I knew that I would be left behind to go to hell.
I would always come home from school as a child and when my mom wouldn’t be there or forgot to pick me up, I would think God came and got her and left me.
I would cry until she would find me.
When I hit puberty and began growing I was terrified of becoming a man because I thought I would turn into my father and he was not the kind of person I wanted to be like..
I tried to disassociate my mind from my body to stay a child, but I couldn’t hide the fact that I was becoming a man and that I had urges…
I wanted to be with a man and in a relationship so bad, but I could never find anyone.. the ones I like never seemed to like me or even be gay and so they would bully me..
I dream of finding happiness with a guy, but I still don’t know what that would look like.
I liked your videos and how they teach what kind of consciousness I am connected to and why I enjoy being what you call a homosexual man and a bottom man.  I do not identify with the gay movement and the social group that it includes. I don’t think my sexual preference should determine who I hang around and what I should act like.
I just want to be with a man and raise a family and have a terrific life together..
Sometimes I even wonder if it would be nice to be with two men and form a threesome couple to raise a family with.. I am openminded.. I just don’t know if that would work because I wouldn’t want jealousy and other drama to enter the picture.. I’m not sure a threesome healthy threesome exists.  I just want a community of people who support each other and who love each other and all share in the burdens of life to make for a happy life together.
I will continue to listen to your videos… I hope you do not mind me sending you emails after watching videos.. i appreciate your feedback.
I was curious.. you have a new video series on masterbation… would you be able to set me up on a payment plan to learn that next as I am very interested in learning how to use my body to gain pleasure not only for me, but I would also like to learn how to pleasure my partner more.
Thank you,

Ron Be.

Osher, I just took your both courses masturbation and anal sex between men and hope to get to know more about my complicated sexual issues.
Let me introduce myself:
I am 38 gay pretty much in the closet. Many of my friends know but we never talk about it. I have not had sex in 8 years.
I really did not feel good after sex.
These past months I have had very very mixed emotions. I was literally 6 months without masturbation.
It really did a number on me.  I am trying to balance myself and reach my highest potential but somehow know that I am not doing something right.
At some points in my life, I have reached it - happiness, friends, and maybe balance. I feel right now it just left my hands.
I began to study Torah and Hebrew two years ago and it drastically helped me in one end but psychologically changed me in another.
I have studied Theoretical Kabbalah, some gnosis, and speak a little Hebrew.
 This morning on my search for help, trying to understand balance I found your site by “coincidence” .It caught my attention. I really need help. I have become more “bitter” lately. Not my personality. I have a funny and joking personality. I usually make everyone laugh around me. At this point, I feel different and not really compelled. My drive has drastically diminished for many things and I want my drive back.
Thank you very much.
Looking forward to a complete session to support on live my "coming to life" process.

Peter Packer

Osher my coach and teacher - there are 3 years now since I started following each video you brought up and still, you have no idea how much your words both in english and Spanish are supporting me. Now I'm courage to say hi, and just to tell you that I'm so excited to start with you a "complete process" to experience a significant process of myself walking for long period of 4 months with someone specialist above all experienced with many men along the years to help me to take out best of myself,  guiding me through what I may ignore perhaps could reflect for me things that my partner of 17 years is disabled anymore to do with me.
The thought only about exchanging all I keep to myself so far with you Osher on the deeper level to bring the answers i'm looking for on a surface and possibly achieving to get emotionally matured and more conscious about myself either the world surrounding me,..... i'm ready!


Hello dear Osher, I'm love your work and just have decided to take the "anal tantric course". Nothing physical sexual issues I know, but psychological maybe; I'm uncomfortable around masculine heterosexual men; throat chakra, sacral chakra, root chakra and brow chakra needs work. Out of the closet, but still working on being myself, working on self-love and embracing sexual urges and attraction to men as normal; still on a very subconscious level feeling guilty about masturbation and my sexuality; started watching porn very early in life–working on getting out of habit; I want to be sexually healthy, free and learn to really work with my sexual energy and embrace it. Want to be a good future lover.


Art director
I came out to my wife of 30 years in November. I have a strong attraction (more recently) to men. Really struggling with this right now and am in therapy. Current life situation: Married. I want to be faithful to my wife, but have had three encounters (no intercourse) with men. Each has been intense, now I find myself numb and static, not moving in any direction. Objects to be happier I would like clarity on my sexual preference. I am fine being hetero or homosexual, I can live with being I. I just don't think I can toggle between my wife and a make lover.
I would very much like to schedule a few sessions with you when you are in Los Angeles. Where will the sessions be held, and what times are open for you? I will do my  best to accommodate your schedule.
Many thanks,


Osher, thank you for a powerful session on Monday.
I'm not sure if you want feed-back, but here it is... It sent me into some very painful waves of emotions that I just allowed and soon realised were based on a thought-form that has been so destructive in my life.
It was a belief that I am not good enough to attract the love, acceptance and desire of the man I desire, which has been the repeating, heart-breaking experience of my life, and of course rooted way back to what I experienced with Dad.
I did a ritual with the sea the next day to release this old wound and have felt amazing since and able to bathe in the heart connection I felt with you, and a very strong open connection between my sex and my heart, still deliciously open as I play with a beautiful new lover in Paris.
men- walk


You said some powerful things to me at the end of the session that have helped confirm to me a deep knowing that somehow tantra, sexual healing, queer and embodied spirituality is the path I want and need to take.
It is very clear to me that my learning with Armin Heining in Germany is over so I am now seeking new teachers in tantra. Two questions: Where have you been learning your skills?
Would you consider teaching me so that one day I could teach others?
I have experienced various forms of tantric massage and work, but yours has been the closest to what I am interested in learning at this point.